Rasiat Agricultural Development Company

Rasiat Co. Ltd.

Rasiyat Engineering and Contracting Company Ltd. is one of the arms of the Export Development and Logistics Group working in the field of developing the agricultural sector through the development and development of projects and modern irrigation systems The use of agricultural technology in all operations to raise productivity and ensure the quality of agricultural products and provide products for export with high specifications while providing all agricultural and storage services Radiator and other technical services.

حصاد القمح بشركة راسيات

Regional leadership for agricultural products with international standards

the message:
Developing the economics of agricultural wealth through production, distinguished global marketing of products using advanced technologies and a series of advanced solutions, production and marketing through strategic partnerships by stimulating creativity, innovation and the community economy

It is synergy, integration, charity, commitment, creativity, innovation and friendship with the environment

work fields

1. Development of agricultural and horticultural production for export.
2. Developing and improving the infrastructure in the agricultural field.
3. Upgrading agricultural services and developing farms.
4. Owning and developing agricultural projects and entering into direct and contractual farming operations.
5. Localization of technologies and import substitution.
6. Entering into smart and strategic partnerships.
7. Adoption and application of the latest systems, standards and knowledge transfer
8. Direct and contract farming

Company products/services

1- Various crops (wheat – potatoes – potato seeds – onions – cantaloupe Qalia – watermelon – peanuts)
2- Agricultural services (various agricultural preparations).
3- Urea fertilizer.
4- Dab fertilizer.


acres of summit project


cold storage ton


center pivot irrigation device

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Rasiat Agricultural Development Company